Lookin' Good at 58

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What A Great Day!

This evening we went to my wife's best friends place she hasn't seen in a dozen years. She worked with her in a restaurant in Rekyjavik 19years ago. Anyway she is the second woman in Iceland to become captain of a ship and her husband drives truck in Norway, Finland and Siberia transporting dynamite for tunnels. He is away 40 days at at a time then gets 40 days off. She works 4 weeks at a time as well. Quite the go-getters you can say. Her goal is to work the big ships as captain going across the oceans. I have no doubt she will do that.

We had lamb for dinner. Lots of wine and cognac. Afterwards ate some whale too!

We left at 11:30 on a sunny night.

Many pictures are to follow on twitter taken on our during our day in Rekyjavik.

Tomorrow we head North.

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