Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This is What Happens I Find

I have found out when it is I forget what someone has ordered. Then I have to run back and ask them again.

Let's say there are two people who are waiting for a third person. While they are waiting they order a beer. They wait a while then the third person arrives. The new person orders a beer and you hear what he has ordered but right after you ask the other person if they would like to have a second beer. Then that person says yes or no. Then I get ready to ring that new person's beer up and forget whether he ordered that beer or another beer.

So unless I take the moment to repeat what the new arrival has ordered I will forget what he has said or at least not be able to remember 100% what he told me because I acknowledged what he said but did not repeat it and went straight to the others who were already sitting there asking if they wanted another one.

Then I run back to make sure I heard correctly what the new person ordered.

So now I have to take a second to listen correctly and then see if the others would like another.

It doesn't happen often but I really have to make sure to listen correctly before doing something else. I should even write it down.

Fortunately I will ask rather than guess. I don't like to forget and guess what I may have heard.

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