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Friday, June 28, 2013

Swimming Pools in Iceland

We went to a swimming pool complex today.If these pools were in Canada I would go everyday.

First of all for the two boys and myself it was 11 dollars.They give you a bracelet. This has a scanner on it that when scanned over the gate will let you enter the change area. Then for a locker this bracelet after choosing a locker you place it over a electronic panel and it locks it. When you return to change you scan it over the same panel and it remembers your locker number and opens it.

No keys or combination locks needed.Of course this bracelet is waterproof. When exiting you scan again and a compartment opens and you place the bracelet in and it closes.

You do not even have to hand it in!

The pool has a waterslide which was pretty fast. Then the heated pool, inside and outside whirlpools, the sauna, and unlike pools back home there is also tires and rafts available to play for anyone.

The showers are great with plenty of soap available.

Tomorrow we head into Rekyjavik but not before another trip to the pool!

A great day and I caught up on some rest.

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