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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't Oversell

I have to admit the other day while serving this couple I was a bit of a smarty pants. They sit down and she says she would like a Chardonnay without looking at the wine list. Now looking at them I think they might be in possession of a small fortune so I suggest our most expensive Chardonnay by the glass and the 9 oz one to boot.

She orders another. Then they get the bill and she calls me over and says wow that was an expensive glass of wine. I usually buy one half the price. She was very nice though and said next time she should take the time to look at the wine list and I apologized for selling her the top price without showing her the wine and it's cost.

So yeah I shouldn't do that the next time around.

It reminds me of the time when I worked at this Relais Chateaux and the guy who is trying to impress his girl tells me to give them a shot of our most expensive cognac. So we wheel the trolley over and pour each a shot of Louis XIII. A mere $125 each.

He gets his bill and looks over at me. Well what could he say the guy asked for it. Left me an 8% tip though.

But I did get a real kick out of pouring that Louis XIII!

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