Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Work So Hard?

When I was younger I use to work long hours in the hospitality industry. Now that I am older I ask myself why should I work so hard.

Yes it is important to make money but to stay later and take a couple of extra tables why bother? I mean is that extra $20 going to retire me any sooner? Definitely not!

Would I have been able to see my kids before their lights went out if I had taken those extra two tables? Probably not! Would I have been much happier on my drive home knowing that I got out early without any campers left in my section? Absolutely!

So what I am saying is if we work in this industry why put ourselves in a position to bitch and complain. If you have a couple of young kids like I do and are as old as I am ( not that old but old enough so Freedom 55 is not happening )  you know that the most expensive years are still ahead of you. So why sweat it now? Work is always going to be in our future.

So the next time you are having a shitty night or having a bad day do like I do and say " Fuck it. " Tomorrow is another day.

Basically if we just wake up it is already a good day. Enjoy life while you work in the restaurant industry but especially love that free time when it arrives. Don't feel guilty about leaving work behind.

Work is just a means so you can do other things in life. Don't let work control you. You control it instead.


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