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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Aroma Wheel


This really helps you when you nose a wine. The Aroma Wheel was what I used when I took the Sommelier Course. It helped me remember when I nosed the wine the  description I was looking for.

For instance if it smelled mineral that could be wet stone that I was sniffing.  Like a white wine from Chablis in the Burgundy France region can have that flinty, wet stone trademark that comes from the cooler climate and a soil full of calcium deposits. The cooler climate gives it the nice acidity that goes good with seafood such as oysters. Also any seafood that is grilled with a wedge of lemon squeezed over it on the BBQ.

A warmer climate and the same Chardonnay grape will have full fruit flavours and unlike Chablis which is unoaked a California Chardonnay is oaked giving it a vanilla, butterscotch, and wood trademark. Something that would go good with a fish dish with a creamy sauce. The body of the Chardonnay will match a chicken with a velouté sauce for instance. The combination of acidity and full fruit flavours plus the roundness of the wine will match the dish as opposed to the Chablis which would disappear with the creamy sauce.

Yes you can have fun matching foods with this one.

Did you know Popcorn with butter matches well with a California Chardonnay?

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