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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Temporary Work Visas

Recently the Canadian Government has acknowledged the fact that places such as a Fast Food restaurant in Northern Alberta for example cannot find local people to work at minimum wage serving donuts and coffee to customers.

When my wife went for a job interview at a fast food chain and they told her it was midnights only she came home not feeling the urge to work midnights serving hungover people at 2am in the morning. I couldn't blame her.Until she does find something I will work more.

But it got me thinking about what is happening in our labor market. I believe we would have far less difficulty filling positions with locals if companies were not so greedy. I mean in my town of 30,000 people we do not need this particular fast food chain open all night. But because someone in a major urban center says all our stores now are going 24/7 no matter where they are without first thinking things through it just goes to show how negligent these big corporate fast food chains are becoming and where our society is going.

All it says is one company is trying to sell one more coffee than the next guy or one more burger without taking in consideration the cost of keeping the store running all night and hiring people. It is quite simply a greedy and egotistical way of doing business.

The thing is people not from here want to work and take these jobs at the minimum wage. But as long as companies can fill low paying jobs with foreign workers there will be no upgrade in our standard of living. Quite simply as the cost of living steadily rises and people are made available to work at below minimum wage we will soon become level with developing countries. Twenty years from now I hope I am around to see how things are shaping up.

I talked with a union rep the other day and he said I would be surprised at how many people are working at less than the minimum wage out there today.

Quite literally we have sold out to cheaper labor. Sure it keeps the cost of things down but what about the profits of these companies who make billions a year. The greed is palpable. Their only concern is pleasing shareholders. That is the bottom line. Cut cost everywhere as much as possible. Sell out.

People are told there are good jobs available but then they take a course and that particular need is saturated. Part time work and on call is available only so the result is these people are scrambling to find other work. It goes on and on.

I guess I can go on and on as well with this rant. I just tell my kids to be good at something that few others are and get paid well for it. Be in demand and not be one of many who have to compete with others who will work for far less.

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