Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Silly Mother's Day Table

So this Dad, Mom and two boys sit down at the table. I go over to say hello and right away the guy says he is not happy because it is too dark in here and he cannot read the menu.

The wife says to him you should have brought your glasses and to stop complaining.

Sensing the right thing to do I right away ask if he would like a beverage. He says to me no nothing right now in a snarky way. The wife says I will have an ice tea. I then inquire as to what the boys would like and after 15-20 seconds they order a kid's menu offering, that being a smoothie.

Macho man says I will have what they are having. Sure I said you want one too! Sure he says.

So I return to the table with the ice tea and 3 smoothies in the plastic cups. I give the kids theirs' then start giving the man his plastic cup with the straw sticking out.

He pipes up and says that is a kid's drink. Yes I said it is. Well give me a beer then.

Now what did the moron think? Did he think maybe the kids ordered a freakin' beer or a glass of wine!!

I laughed after. He was okay after that. The tip you could imagine was not afterwards. Morons don't tip well.

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