Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lucky I Counted The Money

Last night I gave the bill of $253 to my last table. I see there is cash on the table and the guy says it is okay. I go in the back and count it and I have only $250.

I go back to the table and count it in front of him and he says that he mistook the amount for $243. So the rest of the table is looking at him now wondering probably whether he was actually going to leave me a $7 tip.

Feeling embarrassed he says I gotta give you a tip too so here and he gives me a $40 tip. Lucky for me I went from $7 to $40 because he shortchanged me and I had to count the money in front of him.

So this table went from my worst table all night to my best one.

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