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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book Review

This book on how to earn more tips on your very next shift is a good investment. Unlike most other books that you come across on this subject the way this is set up gives the reader a picture of the situation in their mind.

In other words rather than reading a book that goes on and on and on and bores the reader to tears the author in a fun, sarcastic, right in your face way explains why some waiters think what they are doing is going to make them money but in fact has no effect at all on the amount of tip they receive.

He is quite candid on his thoughts and why shouldn't he be after working over 25 years in the service industry. For anyone serious about making the service industry their chosen career this is a must read. His tips will help you.

The link is below and when you go to it there are a couple of chapters you can preview to see for yourself.


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