Lookin' Good at 58

Friday, February 8, 2013


Since I started back working lunches to go along with dinners there is one thing I have noticed. With the lunches people have much more requests to go along with their dish.

For instance a burger without the bun, a salad without the avocado, can I have this instead of that? It seems like every table someone has to change up or modify the item they are ordering.

So what is essential is to listen and write down everything and enter it correctly on the point of sale screen. If not your whole service will be screwed. Especially since most people just want to eat fast and head back to work.

Listening and repeating back to the guest what they ask for is really important. Writing it down to remember it goes without saying.

Ensure a smooth busy lunch by listening carefully. Then when the food comes out it is perfect.

Enough said...


Rusty said...

Nothing is more important than to write down the order. I would write it down, repeat it back, and double check as I was putting it in the POS. Those who never wrote things down are fine but I could never justify having to go back and ask a guest what they ordered on the off chance I forgot something. This process is fool proof and is the single most important thing you can do as a server.

Steven Nicolle said...

Rusty...for sure you got that right.Thank you for your comment.