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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Manager Has to Be in the Muck of It

No matter what field you are in the manager's job is to delegate but when the heat is on step in when he or she is needed. They have to put the fires out.

This will show others they have their back and earn the respect necessary to build a strong unit.

If they put out the fires then afterwards the others will be able to handle the same situation by observing how it is done. It is always better in a tough situation for him or her to just step in and explain later than watch things unravel and when the carnage is everywhere sit down and explain to others what they should have done.

I notice in the restaurant industry the managers always seem to be working on their computers during service. It is strange indeed when the actual results are going on far away from their desk top. They have their supervisors running around. Sometimes if not all the time the suit has to make an appearance and be there for support.

A manager manages but a leader leads. I think that means being  in the muck of it.

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