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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two People Working Are Better Than One

Well the results are in for 2012. I am off tomorrow night and the wife is off tomorrow having finished off her week shift today before the holiday.

Our income was higher than the year before by just under $4000. I made less but she made more which makes sense since the previous year she took 5 months off and I worked as the sole income provider.

As a waiter if two of you are working then combined you will always make more. Because if you are only one you can only work so many hours, take so many tables, and serve so many people. With two people working in the household serving tables the chances are greater to earn with half the effort.

Despite what I thought was the worst December I can remember the rest of the year was pretty good.

But this year coming is going to be even more exciting I can assure you. A lot is in the works. Sometime in January or the earliest February look for an e-book on my blog and web site. 

As well I will start working lunches again after a few years hiatus. I am ready for new challenges in 2013.

Stay tuned.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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