Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, October 28, 2012

When Someone Orders a Lobster Tail Do This First

When a guest orders shellfish like a lobster tail that requires a butter warmer at the table always once the order is sent to the kitchen prepare the butter warmer and bring it to the table right away.

Naturally if you are working in a dining room where people sit and gab for two hours you can bring the butter warmers out after their appetizer and salad before their entree arrives. But if you are working where the meals are flying out and you are being sat all over the dining room get the butter warmers on the table right away or you are going to forget and run around when the meal is already delivered.

Take the two minutes and do it right away or you will be in the weeds big time when you are running for them later.

It is not fun either when you are delivering someone else´s food order and you discover they do not have any butter warmer on the table because guess who has to get it?

You that's who!


The Restaurant Manager said...

It would be nice if everyone would just do their job!

Steven Nicolle said...

Yes it would but the manager's job is to make sure they do. The manager has to ride their ass to do their job right. Teach them on how to do it the right way. Build people and inspire them to take pride and ownership of their profession.