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Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Have to Be 100% Positive

The other night I saw a co-worker deliver my food to my table that was right beside where I was in the process of taking an order from another table. The guests asked him if the steak they had put in front of them was medium rare. Instead of just saying yes he began to ask if that is what they ordered.

When we deliver the food we go by seat number so it had to be what he ordered. What I am saying is if you plant a seed of doubt in the guest they will question if that is what they ordered or whether they got what they ordered. You as a waiter must never plant a seed of doubt in the guest's mind.

I was right beside the table so I called to the waiter that don't worry about it I will take care of it. The quality check was fine and they indeed received what they ordered.

If you upon delivery of the food to the guest creates doubt then you could face a quality check issue afterwards. If the guest is stupid enough to expect you to see through a steak upon delivery as to whether it is cooked the way they like it just say yes. It is medium rare. Let them cut into the steak first then let the waiter quality check. We do not have x-ray vision.

The point of this post is until the guest cuts through his steak or taste his meal everything is fine. Until they have an issue do not plant a negative doubt in their mind or you will be taking that plate right back to the kitchen.

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