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Friday, June 29, 2012

This Happens More Than You Think

The other day where my wife works someone called in after eating at her restaurant two weeks ago. It was another server but anyway the lady says she thinks she overtipped $10 and would like that amount back in the form of a gift card.

The waiter had to buy her a gift card for $10. Out of her pocket of course!

So if you are need of some money just call your local restaurant where you last ate and ask for some money back because you overtipped.


Anonymous said...

That's just not right.

Steven Nicolle said...

Anonymous...what can you do?

J.R. Locke said...

Something similar happened to me this week, only a customer called and said they had left a gift card on the table the week before and it still had ten dollars on it and could I do something about that?
I said no.
She said she was going to call corporate.
I told her to go ahead.
I haven't heard from corporate about it, I think it was a strange and cheap little scam.

yudelnoodle said...

pretty sure that is not legal.

Steven Nicolle said...

Yudelnoodle...it is.

Steven Nicolle said...

J.R.Locke....that is pretty low down. Imagine the nerve.

bulletholes said...

When I was a waiter, about once a month I would claim my table walked the check, and I'd pocket the money.
Haha! Put that in your book!

Steven Nicolle said...

Bulletholes...I bet you did ha ha. Back in the 1970's you could do that. Lol

Enie Dub said...
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