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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Noticed Lately No One Wants to be a Waiter

I haven't blogged very much lately. February was very busy and the time I have had off I spend it with the kids and wife. Last weekend I finally asked for a Saturday and Sunday off and the kids spent an overnight at a friend's place so the wife and I went out for the evening. A dinner and a movie.

I started thinking about how few times the wife and I have actually gone out the last few years. Then I started to think about the restaurant business in general.

Really what person in their right mind enjoys working weekends and holidays. The business is a relationship killer. If you work in the business better hope you meet someone where you work or your social life is going to be lame at best. No paid vacations , holidays , sick pay or benefits. You work at less than minimum wage and hope the guests leave you something and the slow times are good enough to get you through.

So is it any wonder no new recruits are coming in through the door to be a waiter anymore. You see dishwashers and busboys coming to get hired as well as the occasional cook but wait on tables. C'mon!

Even up to just a few years ago you use to see people applying for waiter jobs. Now you see little and the people that are hired only want to work sparingly. They have other preoccupations.

I don't see anymore someone who just wants to wait on tables. They have other part time or full time jobs. Even those of you who work in the finest fine dining rooms do you see young people coming in wanting to learn the waiting trade?

Or are they all working as drive thru order takers at McDonalds doing the night shift?

Once the old crowd of waiters start retiring who is coming through to replace them? All I know is one thing and that in a few years managers are going to be dropping their jaw when someone comes through the door asking for a full time server position. Available on weekends and holidays. Are you kidding! They will be an instant hire!

They say the hospitality industry will be short many employees in the future. No kidding. Although you will still find the person who will work as a server. I mean what job other than that can you find with little or no education. Oh yeah I forget Tim Hortons and Wal-Mart.

As my wife and I say to our kids, you are going to follow your dreams. Get an education and specialize in something where the benefits and money will be.

The good thing is they already know being a server is out of the question. Just ask them when Dad is out every night.


johnny Out said...

thats why sometimes service just sucks, staff are there just for a job.. anyway hospitality life has its ungrateful days :)
good luck

Steven Nicolle said...

Johnny Out...true enough thank you for reading and comments.