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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Newsletter vs.Blog

As you have heard over and over again I have a newsletter. It comes out once a week on Wednesday.

As opposed to this blog I actually say something constructive. My newsletter is not a blog post. You will not find a wine review , a drink recipe on this blog like you will find with the newsletter.

My experience and education is of Fine Dining and I am a Certified Sommelier having graduated from the International Sommelier Guild. I teach Bartending as well so I actually teach others how to make drinks.

I am thankful for those who have subscribed to the newsletter already but I see I have 99 followers on my blog. I want you all to subscribe.

My hope is that my newsletter will replace this blog.

I don't need to talk about unruly ungrateful guests who don't leave much. Now when I get a good tip from someone I ask myself can they afford the $80 tip they just left me? That is a lot of money. I am thankful for any gratuity. I enjoy my co-workers. I am in a happy place.

This blog is dying out. There is very little to blog about after 3 years. It is interesting perhaps but I believe my newsletter is of some value especially to those who work in the industry. My focus is on knowledge.

My next one is tomorrow. No pressure of course but I would if you are at all interested in this blog would like you to subscribe. You can unsubscribe anytime you want. It doesn't matter but if you take a look I believe you will be happy about it.

Just throwing it out there....


cd0103 said...

You know, I have signed up for newsletter twice and am not getting it.
I checked the spam folder, not there either. Will see if I get one tomorrow.

Signed up with email cd0103@charter.net

Steven Nicolle said...

cd0103...let me know tomorrow please. I see it was sent out to you so if this isn't working I have to know. Tomorrow morning it should be in your inbox.