Lookin' Good at 58

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let it Go

This industry will take it's share of casualties. I saw a bartender crying the other night because she felt wrongly taken advantage of by a co-worker. You see new people start their training and crumble under the multi-tasking necessary in a profession they thought perhaps anyone can do before they gave it a whirl.

The longer I remain in the service industry I have come to realize one thing. You gotta let things go like letting water run off a duck's back. You cannot let anything bother you. Let it go.

So what someone took a table. So what someone made more money than you one time. So what you have to close tonight. So what you have to work the weekend. So what anything.

All you gotta worry about is taking care of you and what you are doing each shift. It doesn't matter if you have 6 screaming kids at your table. You cannot change it.

So what you got stiffed on a table. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter.

What really matters is how are you going to let it affect you? Would you trade your health in for a good tip? Time with your family?

Read the next sentence twice if you need to.

The only reason we work is so we can do things outside of work.

Do well at work, don't let it bother you, and when you leave let it go.


Caveman said...

Well said. The only way to make money and stay sane in this line of business it to leave your personal problems at home when you clock in and your work problems at work when you clock out. I am lucky enough to work with a very experienced bartender who has been drilling this thought process into my head for the last eight years.

Steven Nicolle said...

Caveman...I always say if you serve others you forget quickly whatever is bothering you. Great comment Caveman.