Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Was On Local Television Tonight

I was on television tonight doing a plug for the Bartending Course. It was fun to watch but I have to say with all these spots I am doing on television lately I think I have had enough exposure.

Now it is time to do it with some compensation. Sure it is fun to do but really shouldn't someone out there be ready to take me on in a paying position.

Seriously though people get giddy just at the thought of being on television. Some cannot be bothered. The first time I did it making drinks and everything it was a big high. The adrenalin was pumping.

This last one I gave it my all. I pumped up the course made a drink on camera and there was some good classroom shots of students making their own.

Really after what I saw tonight the classes should be full. I should have two or three of them going at the same time. But you see I live in a small town and the show is shown only locally on a station no one watches.

Now if I can only get some national exposure. You know my own show perhaps???

Anyone listening out there....

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about getting a copy of the commercial & posting it on youtube?

Steven Nicolle said...

Anonymous...absolutely. I called yesterday but they haven't returned my call. I will chase them down. Thanks for the interest.