Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, September 26, 2011

Won Myself a Free Dinner

Well the voice audition didn't go as well as I had hoped. He gave me some scripts to read and I don't know whether it was the cold I was getting over or the frog in my throat but he kept saying talk in your normal voice. Ahem , I am right now it must be the cold. He didn't seem to catch on very well. He just kept saying that wasn't the voice he heard at the restaurant.

Then I tried to speak in a lower voice and he said that was better. At the end of it all when he asked me to inject some enthusiasm into it my voice went high and he then said I was too loud. Okay maybe it is hard for me to talk low when I am enthused and put that smile in my voice at the same time.

Okay nothing ventured nothing gained.

On the other hand a guest sent in a sparkling comment on my service to head office and I get a free dinner on the house. Usually people send in complaints but when they send in a compliment that is really a big deal so I was pretty happy with that.

The Bartending course is a go starting tonight which is good.

Also I with the help of my son are in the process of revamping my website that has been sorely neglected the past two years. I will let you know more about that when we complete the improvements.

Other than that just working 6 nights a week starting now through December.


SkippyMom said...

I guess the not so good comes with a bit of great thrown in. Sorry the voice audition didn't go well, but congrats on a great comment card.

I don't bother to ever complain to a restaurant, unless it is egregious - like a filthy bathroom or filthy restaurant, but try to write, email o post great reviews when I like a place. I know how rare that is - and people deserve a kudo along with a nice tip.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom....it is more good than bad. I am not really breaking apart cause of the voice audition.More interested in the bartending course beginning tonight.