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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Always Comes Back to the Decision

I know for some being just good at many things is important. Being able to do one task pretty good and then another also as good is seen as an advantage over the next person. For many good reasons they are right. You probably would never be unemployed , be broke , or whatever else that can occur.
However I am of the opposite point of view. I believe if you can be exceptional in just one thing that can make all the difference. Aside from being a good person and parent you can get further in life if you choose a profession that you feel comfortable in and can excel.
I don't care if you are a plumber , painter , garbage collector , policeman , architect , or daycare worker you can decide to be better than most if that is what you want to do.
If you are doing something right now that you are not really interested in doing for the rest of your life then you must decide what it is that you really want to do.
It is just deciding on what you want to do. That is the tough part.
I know it took me a while to decide that and once that decision was made life became easier.
I have to laugh because even when I decided to get married my life got a whole lot easier because now I didn't have to worry about chasing girls. I found the one and that was it.
We know there are a lot of choices out there and sometimes you can be swayed off course. I know that cause I speak from experience. You dabble in something else then before you know it you are back doing that thing it seems you were put on earth to do.
Some things are put in front of us to test our resolve. It is not easy to keep your eye on the target when this happens. I got off target in the late 90's. I returned and got back on target.
The difference right now being I am not as ambitious as I used to be. I don't want to work the long hours and put in the time like I did back in the mid-90's. I would rather do the hours I need to do and spend the rest of the time with my family.
The reason for me is simple. I did a lot and now for me time is more important. The older you get and I am not old but it seems time goes faster. You want to grab time and say hold on a second!
When you are younger you are invincible. You are going to live forever. The world is in the palm of your hands. Summer holidays last a lifetime. Ha.
Then you get a bit older and you catch a cold , have an aching back , pull a muscle etc... Then you start thinking about things differently.
I don't want to ramble any further.
The bottom line is if you are delaying making a decision be it personal or professional what is holding you back? What is stopping you from being the person you want to be? When are you going to make that call?
Because sooner rather than later we all have to make a decision. Not about what you are going to have for dinner decision but a real life changing one.
It is time for you to do it.
The world is waiting....

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