Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Think About This One

In 1980 when I was bartending at Dr.Livingstons at the Bristol Place Hotel I made more than I did on Saturday night. I remember the captains at Zachary's Dining Restaurant in the same hotel would walk out with $200 on a Saturday night.

Thirty years ago I made the same money.

Only difference back then was a loaf a bread cost 40 cents. And I may be wrong it may have cost less.


maxi said...

Perhaps your wage has gone up since then? Relying on servers to make up their wage with tips is disgusting anyway. I do love and appreciate my tips, but I do not expect my guests to cough up every single time, some people can't afford to/don't want to. But I am paid a fairly decent minimum wage in the UK so it's not all doom and gloom when I go home with £10.

Why don't all restaurants pay staff a decent wage? It's corrupt and shameful, I bet the big bosses aren't scraping by!

Steven Nicolle said...

Maxi...It has gone up $5.00 an hour since I started back in 80. So it has almost doubled. Here it is like you are self employed while in Europe you have a higher salary with less reliance on tips. My wife is from Iceland and she is not crazy about the system here either. Thanks for your comment.