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Monday, August 8, 2011

How Immigration Will Affect the Next Generation of Waiters

Okay this may give you some food for thought.

Up until I say about 25 years ago before the world started to become a smaller place due to technology and the internet Canada and the United States were considered by many to be the countries to immigrate to and for good reason. Our economies were robust and as the world was not yet global we were able to live a life that was admired by many. We were an island.

So we had a huge influx of Europeans who came over and plyed their trade and made a good life. A lot of the European influence came from people whose life work was that of hotellerie. Namely great chefs and skilled waiters came over and opened their restaurants and advanced their knowledge to others who were keen on learning their expertise.

Nowadays with the world economies languishing including North America we are not a great spot for anyone coming from Europe anymore but we are for many East Asian immigrants who would like to come over to escape their poor countries.

With our birth rates so low we have gladly let them in to make their lives and chase the American dream. Work hard and do well and to their credit a lot of them have.

But one thing they have not brought is any desire to bring the example brought by the Europeans to make the hospitality industry one of those professions that will continue to bring up great prospects both in the kitchen and front of house.

So as the Europeans start to retire and their kids more interested in the internet and technology or building things and the East Asians for the most part may only be interested in opening up an ethnic restaurant, where is that group of skilled waiters going to come from?

What is the waiter of the future going to look like?

Part time , on - call ? I don't see that person who is willing to be a busboy and learn the ropes anymore. Instead the busboy I see does it for a while then wants to head to the kitchen. They just want to skip the waitering part.

Or maybe fine dining and the brigade of the dining room doesn't exist anymore?

You tell me....

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