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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Take Your Time

When starting any new job or taking part in an opening of a restaurant the first thing a waiter should do is take an extra minute and make sure you give yourself extra time to do it right.

For example the table numbers will all be new. Take time to know your table numbers so that you don't make the mistake of entering a meal on a wrong table. This creates a waste of energy. Now you have to alert the kitchen and get a manager to transfer the order to the correct table number.

The first few days it takes some tables to figure out what are the times for meals coming out of the kitchen. Sometimes I may intentionally slow down the service just so everything comes out the proper time. After all it is a new dining experience for the guest so give them some moments to enjoy the new atmosphere and decor. If there is some space between the appetizer and entrees don't panic. As long as everything comes out as they ordered it there should be no problem. Nothing worse than having a salad come out in two minutes and them finishing it quickly then having to wait a half hour for their mains to come out.

An exception would be a table with young children. They may want to eat in a hurry.

As well when working in a new restaurant layout take your time and look around you while you are walking and carrying plates and trays of drinks. Go slowly cause for sure someone will be heading quick somewhere and will cause a spill. Be like a driver on a freeway and keep a watch out for the other person.

One thing a restaurant may not want to do but a lot do it anyway is open during an especially busy time of year. They want to make a lot of money right off the hop instead of go for a slower opening. A slower opening allows the restaurant to work out the kinks and fine tune operations before the place is jumping.

I remember one time I was part of a restaurant opening and this one chose to open Mother's Day. What a disaster. I think half the meals must have been given away that day. I remember that restaurant didn't last very long. The bad start just led to other bad things very quickly.

So all in all it pays to take your time for a couple of weeks just to get things down right. Once they are and you feel more comfortable each day then you are ready to rock.


shanananana said...

This is great advice for starting a new job! I recently returned to the industry and definitely could have used some of your timing advice.

Steven Nicolle said...

Shanananana....thanks and you know just whatever one does just don't panic and think things through. Easier said than done sometimes. Good wishes!

SkippyMom said...

I swear when I read that restaurant opened on MOTHER'S DAY a shiver went up my spine. What a disaster. So wrong on so many levels.

Your advice is spot on. Nice.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...thanks. Having trouble posting anything these days. Just having fun.