Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sexual Harassment Expiry Date

A co-worker showed me something tonight that we had a chuckle about. On the bulletin board for the restaurant there was a letter stating what the rules were concerning sexual harassment.

Fine , but it was revised September 1st , 2010 and expires August 31st , 2011.

So we laughed. Does that mean on September 1st unless a new notice goes up everyone can harass everyone else? Since when does sexual harassment change from year to year???

I mean how stupid is that?? This place is too much really! I am glad I am outta there tomorrow. No more freakin' rollups , sweeping and mopping the floor till 11:30.

On my resume if I ever put this place down as having worked there I can always apply for a janitor job!

If I had worked in the restaurant I am in now I would have left after the first week! The other day I made $86 in tips then filled my tank up and it cost me $82. The maple syrup I bought for a treat to go with my wife's waffles in the morning put me over.

Okay I am griping but this place was too much. Stressful yes and happy to be leaving.


Sous Gal said...

I'm happy for you, too that you're leaving there, and that you kept your other job as a back up :) Of course you would..this isn't your first rodeo :)

I think one of my new favourite posts of yours is the "don't say a word or we'll have to stay" LOL it's so true!

Steven Nicolle said...

Sous Gal....thanks a bunch for looking at the blog. Tonight it ended for me. Shook everyone's hand and said thanks and was on my way.