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Friday, May 6, 2011

Waiting on Tables Is About Who You Are

Today I was serving a couple who spoke a English with a heavy accent. I know they spoke French and were from Quebec.

They asked if they could get breakfast quick before their flight was boarding in 20 minutes. I replied back yes it should be no problem and I got their order quickly.

I got their tea, coffee, and juices while they waited for their meal. I had a few other tables going on at the time but was keeping watch on when their meals would be ready on the pass to deliver.

They got their breakfast 10 minutes later and I closed the money transaction quickly so they could be on their way quickly after eating their meal.

Then they said something that really surprised me. They said I was the friendliest person they came across in the week they had been visiting. They were heading home now and to say that to me I could only say thank you and wish that the next time they will have a better time.

You know I didn't really do anything special but I did show sincerity in getting their meal out quickly so they would not have to worry about missing their boarding call.

Now I know there are plenty of waiters and bartenders out there who would do the same as I did. Though, when you hear back a comment like that it pretty much sums up what service is.

It is not so much what you know but how much you care about the people you serve and about your profession.

Making someone's day is our job. If you want to be good that is what you do.

Plain and simple. It is who we are not what we are that determines a successful encounter with a guest.


WKBartender said...

I've been following your blog for a few months now and just wanted to say thankyou! The motivational posts have been awesome and have actually changed the way i think about my life at the point i am at!! I hardly ever think about things in a negative way anymore and always look for the positives and that has kept me going since the New Year ( i made a pledge to do this everyday as a new years resoultion) Your posts have just emphasised the point that you get out what you put in!! I have noticed a significant change in the way people respond to me.

I work in the same industry at the moment( albeit in the UK, somehow lacking in the right attitude for customer service) but am looking to do something different soon. This post is awesome as it sums up what the service industry is about. Its about looking after individuals and treating everyone how you would wish to be treated. Realising their situation and reacting to it without them having to request it!! Sadly in the UK this is a rareity!!

I found your blog on the bbc website a famous chef Michel Roux had you on his list!!

Self-Taught said...

I could see how much you dedicate to attend your clients, congratulations you really love your job. Me too, my friend, I've been struggling to develop the Sustainable Tourism, my pleasure.

English tips-Self-Taught said...

My second comment is to say that I also added your blog on my Favorite links and as usual I added on blogroll. Desire a wonderful mother's day, I hope your mother is still alive and you can celebrate this date with her.

Steven Nicolle said...

WKBartender...thank you so much for that. You are a positive thinker that is for sure. A great comment and I wonder if Michel Roux read this post. Ha. Good wishes on your future!

Steven Nicolle said...

Self-Taught...right on it is good to do something you enjoy. Like you I get to meet a lot of different people.

Steven Nicolle said...

English tips Self-Taught...thank you again for your support and have a great day today.