Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roll Ups

I work in a restaurant in an airport with a very high turnover. Where people come to eat and say they have a plane to catch. Really? I thought you were here for a 5 course dinner and catching a movie later??

Our settings are pretty simple. A fork and a knife and a napkin.

Here is the stupid part. We have to roll the knife and fork into the napkin rolled up and wrap a sticky band around it to keep together.

These roll ups run out very quickly so when you have to reset you have to run where the cutlery and napkins are and do some rollups.

What brain thought of that idea? I mean really all you ever end up doing is waste time rolling these up to give to people that in the next 30 seconds are just going to rip the sticky band off.

Why not skip the roll up idea and just put the silver on a napkin on the table.

Oh wait maybe it is because the silver is not polished but spotty.


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