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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Tell Me if This Makes Sense

In Ontario the legal drinking age is 19 years old but you can serve liquor when you are 18 years old.

Hence I have this bartending class of 7 students and 4 of them are 18 years old which means that for the next 9 weeks I can make the drinks and they can only watch and not taste them.

Now here is what I am going to say. Why is it someone can serve something they are not allowed to promote? I mean you cannot sell something you yourself have never tried.

If you take a driver's education course you take classroom training plus you drive the car. What about if someone had the intention of driving but was only allowed to take the classroom training? They were too young to drive.

Each class this happens but this time I have more that cannot drink than can.

This is going to be some class especially when the 18 years of age students are all going to be bugging me each week for a sip.

I hope one day this law will be changed so that whether it is 18 or 19 they will both be the same for serving and drinking. Cause this is ridiculous and serves no useful purpose.


fuckmytable said...

Where I live, you must be 21 to drink but can serve it at 18. It's fucking ridiculous.

Steven Nicolle said...

fuckmytable...that is even worse.Imagine working around alcohol for 3 years and they don't expect you to taste it. Like a cook not tasting food.

David said...

IT is far more likely that they will raise the age to serve rather than lower the age to drink. That would be devestating to restaurants that rely on servers just getting started. In my state you can serve at 18, but cant pour until 21. That means that a 20 year old server can't even open a bottle of wine for their table.

Steven Nicolle said...

David...that is like hard to believe. All I can say is the laws in North America are archaic. They should just make it 18 across the board.

English tips-Self-Taught said...

Here in Brazil it's common 16, 13, 14 drinking, not legally but there isn't any control about it, ridiculous as one of member mentioned before. Thanks Steven, have a wonderful mother's day for your beloved mom and your readers too. All the best.