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Monday, April 11, 2011

Next Month a New Restaurant

No I haven't changed companies but as I mentioned a few posts ago they rotate you with different restaurants in the airport.

At first when I heard about this I thought I would end up with nothing very good. Some outlets are busier than others. But much to my surprise with last pick I found myself in a busy restaurant in the other terminal.

I will probably go back to working evenings but evenings at the airport generally mean you are out by 10 because by that time there are just a handful of departures left. Also I see my income rising a fair bit and even though my set days off might still be lousy, working evenings is easier to switch with someone than mornings. The reason being there are so few people working breakfast.

As well from what I understand people working in Terminal 1 have first choice as to what picks they get of what restaurants they work. In other words if this one is a good one chances are I will be able to stay in that one.

My hours will be pretty decent for a waiter. Probably something like 12:30 to 9:00 or 1:30 to 10:00.

Being a one car family at least the car will be available some points in the day. I like the idea of getting up and seeing the kids better than when I come home in the evening. During the summer will be nice as well.

The only thing that may throw a wrench into it is if I cannot get Mondays off to teach the bartending course. I will just have to stay firm and ask for it. Mondays and Tuesdays would be okay with me. Not weekends but at least the Monday off during the summer I will be able to see my youngest one play soccer.

The change is due to take place next month. We will see how it all turns out.

To be honest I am happy for the switch now and to be in a busier spot too.

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