Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Don't Have Really Anything To Say But This

I am happy I have a job.
I am happy that we are all healthy.
I am happy that we probably live better than most.
I am happy we live where we do.
I am happy that our kids are happy and bright.
I am happy my wife and I get along and don't fight.
I am happy that we can pay our bills.

And that is about it.

What about you?


The Restaurant Manager said...

I'm happy you are happy!! Have a good one!

Steven Nicolle said...

The Restaurant Manager....once in a while it is good to say something positive and so I thought I would. Thanks restaurant manager and you have a good one too!

Blondeology said...

I've realized lately that I don't have very much to worry about, and i'm happy about that. High five for having things work out for us!

Steven Nicolle said...

Blondeology...welcome and a high 5 back to you. Stay happy and don't worry is a good motto to have.