Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Signs It is Getting Tough Out There

On Friday and Saturday night the wait died quicker than it usually does. I can't think of a reason why other than the people who frequent our restaurant have been filling their gas tanks recently and noticing a price hike.

Also I have been coming across some real lousy tippers lately. One example is the bill I had for this 3 top came to $91.54 and they paid with 2 fifty dollar gift cards and kept the balance owing on the gift card rather than just leave a tip. Come to think of it they probably would not have left anything even if they won a lotto.

I went to the grocery store today to pick up some items like bread and the shelves were empty. It was about 4 in the afternoon but with the scare about the upcoming food price hikes I wouldn't be surprised if people started stocking up before they occur in a couple of weeks.

A lot of people are walking a fine line out there and rising food and gas prices will keep them home. They will not eat out as often as before. Wait! Didn't we just go through this in 2008?

I had to go to my present job today for a new menu meeting. I have one week to go. Tomorrow I go to my new job at 11:30 to learn their menu. It is a busy week. Trying to keep sharp at my present job till the very end then start the new one at the same time.

You always work at your present job till you leave. Don't slack off cause if something happens and you want to head back they will take you back cause you finished strong. I have to stay focused.

Tomorrow should be exciting and give me a good idea of what is to come.


fuckmytable said...

Like hell. I finished strong at my old job, worked my remaining shifts after giving my notice (and in my state I don't have to give them ANY notice) but they still bitched about me leaving them "shorthanded" once I was gone. They were laughing about how I'd try to come back and they'd say no. They don't give a damn if you do right by them or not.

kit_kat_74 said...

I work at the same chain as you and I admittedly thought of you yesterday at our menu meeting, wondering if you'd have to re-program your brain on all this just to leave right away - sounds like that is the case! Good timing on your part though... au jus and horseradish on an awkward side plate makes me want to quit too, haha. Best of luck to you at your new job, you deserve it!

Steven Nicolle said...

Fuckmytable...well that is their loss then. I know my place would hire me back and have said so. Sounds like a place you wouldn't want to go back to. Sorry to hear that.

Steven Nicolle said...

Kit_ Kat_74....I really enjoyed working there for sure. Not too many places this good around. I just needed the benefits and hours.I am laughing that you were actually thinking of me during the meeting. I remember you commented a while back. The au jus and horseradish on the side is nice but not much room left on the table and the runners needed... Well you know. I wouldn't hesitate to go back if this didn't work out. They were good to me. Glad you commented and thank you for your wishes.