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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Only Thing Bad About Unions Is When You Are the Lowest in Seniority

Okay so the new job is going good. Getting up in the morning I am getting used to and having the evenings off is great cause that is when all the action happens as to getting to find out what your kids were up to in school etc. etc....

Except in this unique circumstance I don't get much of a say in requesting a specific day off. It appears Wednesday and Thursday is it unless I phone in sick which I am not one to do. Unless I was truly sick and couldn't work. Until my 3 months is up this is going to be it. I started March 2nd so move the clock ahead to June 2nd and I am in. Then we see what happens after that date. Chances are not much will change as to days off but wait.............

I have the rare experience of not knowing whether I will still be in the same restaurant by that time. Now the union is negotiating a new contract so it is unlikely any rotation will occur before it is finalized. When that happens though I will likely be bumped out from where I work to go to another restaurant in the airport.

This could be good or bad. Good if it is a busy place like where the US Departures occur which means big tippers. Or bad if it is another one where I hear is located near the security area and the tips are lousy. This is because it is not very busy in this spot. We will see what happens.

Now the bartending course is a go starting the 3rd week of April from 7PM to 10PM. That is good but if I get stuck working Monday nights in a new location I have to say I teach bartending Monday nights. This I mentioned during the interview which was no problem at the time.

But if given the choice between giving up the teaching or the job I would stick to the teaching. I cannot imagine my work being that inflexible.

To be honest I would rather have the Tuesday off because I am up early the Monday , teach till the late evening then the next morning I am up at 3:50am. That will be a tough day. Yesterday was tough enough after 5 days. Throw in a class on the 4th night and the fifth day I am going to be fighting hard to stay awake.

So the next month or so should be interesting. The good news is I am making a good impression on the people for whom I work for and with. So much so that they are hoping I will be able to stay and not get bumped out. This is heartening.

So much that I am hopeful that wherever I do end up will not interfere with my bartending course and they will look upon me as an asset and work around it.

To be honest I wouldn't mind working at this pub in the US departure lounge. That would be a trade up if I had to go somewhere.

Time will tell........


SkippyMom said...

Well, at least, Americans are good for something ::wink::

Hope it all works out the way that is best for you. I am sure they will see what a strong server you are and accommodate so as to not lose you.

Enjoy your evenings off. Most excellent.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...I love Americans and you know that for sure. I am loving my two days off and enjoying a glass of wine right now as I write this. Take care SkippyMom and your family too!

English tips blog said...

To drink a glass wine is good for health, a good wine of course. Good to see that everything you do, do that for pleasure and it's really impressive how much dedicate in your job. Thanks for your visiting and comment, friend.

Steven Nicolle said...

English tips blog....indeed and thank you for your comment too.

Steven Nicolle said...

English tips blog....indeed and thank you for your comment too.