Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Full Day at the New Job

I have to say going from a full service casual fine dining steakhouse to an Irish pub the next day was a bit of a shellshock especially working in an airport.

It was a great send off from the other job where on Saturday night I was presented with a big cake saying we will miss you, a bottle of wine, a card signed by many, and a gift card to boot to make sure I come back to visit. I felt very fortunate to leave on such a good note and they made it clear I am welcome back anytime.

Now the interesting thing about this new job is first of all we are talking about 8.5hours a day 5 days a week. It is like working at a normal job. It almost means as well that what I used to work in 2 weeks previously I almost do in one week at this place. So in that respect my paycheques will be bigger.

Then my shift is going to be 6:30 till 3:00 during the day so that means evenings off which will be nice. There is even one shift 5:30 till 2:00 I work.

All I know so far from shadowing this guy today was you have to be fast and turn the tables quick. Today was not that busy he said so we will see when it gets really busy. The tip out is low compared to the previous place which helps.

Their point of sale system is pretty old if you ask me. That is the trick learning their way of doing it. It always is when you go to a new place.

I wish waitering was like being a plumber. Everywhere you would start to work as a waiter would have the same way of doing things.

The money we will see. I don't think I will be walking out of there with $300 everyday like I thought I might only because some people just come in and get a water and a sandwich and that is it. Hardly anything.

On the other hand though you do get your bigger bills. This one guy last night was saying he was getting stiffed a lot and he walked with $181. He sold about $1700.

So if he had a bad night what would a good night have looked like? The day staff does over a thousand so if we are thinking a normal shift probably takes in $150-$200in tips that isn't bad.Then you are home in the evening which makes it even better. One morning girl had about 6-7 tables going at one time. I was checking her tips and they were not bad.

My goal is at least $175 a shift. We will see starting Wednesday.

In the meantime I am taking a good look at the menu tomorrow.


SkippyMom said...

Sending you good thoughts that the money is good - I love your new schedule. It will be great with your family.

Good luck my friend. :)

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom....I hope so. Thanks a bunch.

Pancake Grrrl said...

I work a combination of days and dinners and have to turn over WAY more tables during the day to make my money. It definitely has its advantages. People during the day don't usually tip as well but they require far less attention and it makes the day go faster. It sometimes takes me a few tables to shift gears - you don't get much of a chance to develop a relationship when people are in a hurry.

Glad to hear it's going well. Good Luck!

Steven Nicolle said...

Pancake Grrrl...yep sounds like what I will be doing.

Anonymous said...

All the best and good luck with your new job. greetings from Norway ( Anette)

Steven Nicolle said...

Anette thank you and good to hear from you. Say hi to Joachim for me.