Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Answer to The Question on Tuesday

The answer to the quiz is the Airport. And that is where my new job is going to be.

I gave my notice tonight to start working in a couple of weeks in a restaurant in the Airport. It is exciting. High turnover , people going on vacation , it is like a ship on land for pete's sake. No campers. Busy all the time. More money so the wife can stay at home.

I went to the orientation today and looking to start in two weeks.

When I say it will be fast it will be. The average turn of a table is 22 minutes. Makes sense when you know people have to catch a flight.

Okay you do the math but if you have a section of 4 tables and they turn twice in 1 hour on the average each one and this is conservative leaves you $10 how much am I making over a 7 hour shift?

The place has benefits after one year which we need. It is unionized. The wage is a little higher because of that.

Yeah I feel pretty good right now. I obviously will miss the people where I work as everyone has been very good to me but this was an opportunity I couldn't turn down. It will secure income for my family in the future.

That is the big news.


SkippyMom said...

Congratulations Steve! So excited for you - hope it is all that you want.

And benefits are a bonus! YAY!

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...thanks and I think this may be other than on an airplane the only location I haven't worked.

Joe Sixtop said...

W2g! Sounds good. Aren't you in Canada and already have benefits? When I saw u posed the riddle yesterday, I thought it was a joke and the answer was NOT HERE or IN YOUR DREAMS. Good luck, dude

Steven Nicolle said...

Joe Sixtop...Thanks and these are additional benefits like for glasses and dentist. In Canada if you go to the hospital for anything that is covered.

The Jaded Waiter said...

That's awesome and it definitely adds new meaning to the term 'turn and burn'! Man and I though the 45 minute lunch standards at our restaurant were moving things quickly.... $ sounds like a great new gig for sure . Benefits? I think I've heard of that word before.. just not sure where. ;)

Stephaine said...

congratulation to your new adventure....
clap! clap! clap! clap!
good luck!!!!

Steven Nicolle said...

The Jaded Waiter...should be good. Even 70% off your staff meal.

Steven Nicolle said...

Stephanie...thanks for that. It is a good move.