Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Would You Do If You Were Me?

Right now I work in this busy restaurant that can be somewhat lucrative even during the slowest times. The thing is you have to go through the people to make decent money. You can pretty much say that on an average night after tip out you make $5 per person you serve.

On the other hand I have an opportunity to work in a much slower fine dining establishment where you get paid a little bit more per hour , you serve less people but your tip-out is lower and your average tip is much higher than $5 per person. As well you have a much more wealthier clientele in which to serve. The community in which it is located has the highest per capita income in Canada. There are a 100 houses being built right now around the location which can only help the restaurant.

The manager is telling me she is leaving for sure in a year to move to the United States to be with her husband who is working there right now. In a year I have a good chance to fill her role.

The downside is it is more hours per week working lunches and dinners. The summer when I like my time off it will be busy and with less staff means I will not get a lot of days off like I do now. The upside is it is closed Sunday and Mondays giving me one weekend day off to be at home with the kids.

Another thing is it has a nice wine list and a wine and food tasting menu to boot. People dine there for a couple of hours rather than eat and get out.

The restaurant I am working at is closing for renovations after Mother's Day for 6weeks and there is always that time when it is closed that work will be hard to come by and jobless benefits don't come anywhere near to pay for day to day expenses. And who knows where I fit in the plans.

This other option I may be able to make my mark promoting the place. Maybe more hours and a little less money but long term it may be better for me. And a year from now if I work at it I could be the Dining Room Manager in a Fine Dining Restaurant. It sounds nice.

One thing I know I cannot run around serving tons of people much longer. It is getting to be tiresome.

This might be a good opportunity.


catherine said...

Go with the better job, it sounds like a step up, but don't burn any bridges at the place you're at now in case it doesn't work out.

The Restaurant Manager said...

Sounds like a great opportunity! One worth considering for sure!

David said...

Man I can relate. This time of year I would stay put. In a slow time of year I would take volume over PPA. I would talk to them before the shut down and try to leverage your impending job search into some benefit to you. It might get you an assurance on a promotion or at least a Sunday off without switching jobs. I would probably still put the resumes out and see what is offered. That way even if you stay you are in a better possition

SkippyMom said...

I think you answered yourself in the last two sentences. Which I think is a good thing.

I know it can be scary to make such a massive change, but it sounds like a heck of a "fit" for you.

Good luck in your decision Steve.

Steven Nicolle said...

Catherine...I never burn bridges for the reason you mentioned. Good advice.

Steven Nicolle said...

The Restaurant Manager...it is worth considering but how I get paid is important as well. That is how I have to look at it.

Steven Nicolle said...

David...that is what I am leaning toward. One thing is for sure I can't take a cut in pay.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom....it would be a good fit but there is some down time with no people in the restaurant. I have experienced that elsewhere which gives me that what am I doing here feeling. I might regret it.

savingmalachi said...

I know you mentioned how old you were to be running around like you used to and how it's harder, and I respect you for making your children your priority, but perhaps scaling it down to being a DRM could be exactly what you wanted, especially if your family was on board with the move. If in a year you're getting this job and its increased both in volume and PPA and could benefit from your wisdom, go for it!

Steven Nicolle said...

savingmalachi....I know you have a good point but the money when you have a family is big. We will see.