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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cleaning the Bathrooms

I have had a few jobs where the place was so small that before and after your shift you had to check the bathrooms to make sure they were clean. This usually happened in a tiny Mom and Pop restaurant where they are trying to save money by not hiring someone who cleans and dust or vacuums. Instead they leave it to the waiter.

Usually it is no big deal as these places where I worked were not humming with tons of people a day heading to the washroom.

However there was this one place I worked where the freakin' owner would want you to start doing the floors of the bathroom and cleaning the sink fixtures etc... while there were still a couple of tables eating in the restaurant.

Now I always wondered what would the guest think if I was bringing out their food after they might have noticed me mopping down the washroom floors. I mean did it have to be done in such a hurry so the owner could scram home after being there so many hours?

How that job ended for me went like this. He was watching me mop the floors and what I used to do was leave the bucket just outside on the rug outside of the bathroom. This way I would squeeze the mop out and go in and start in the far corner and work my way out mopping as I went along till finally I reached the door. Then I would just take the bucket away with the mop to empty the water.

When he saw me do this leaving the bucket outside the bathroom door he reprimanded me for doing that and told me I had to bring the bucket inside the bathroom with me so I wouldn't get the rug wet.

Listen I told him. For first of all I wasn't getting the rug wet and second of all with it the dead of winter perhaps you should supply slippers to people coming in the restaurant rather than have them stomp around in the snowboots getting your rug all wet! If he was so worried about the rug. I was livid.

Listen if you want me to clean your bathroom for pete's sake let me do it! Oh by the way my table still needs dessert. Do you want me to Ajax the sink now or later!


SkippyMom said...

It nauseates me to think that you were cleaning bathrooms before/during shifts. ICK.

I have only had to clean bathrooms during one job - and that was an office job - and it was such a small office...anyway, I didn't mind - but I would NEVER clean a bathroom before or during a shift.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...sounds disgusting. This owner really wanted to make sure those bathrooms were spotless too. Cannot blame him but while waitering...