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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When I Started Bartending and Waiting on Tables Back in 1980

Some things I have noticed in the past 3 decades.

1. Back in 1980 $100 in gratuities was considered a good night, in 2011 you make the same amount and it still is considered a good night.

2. Back in 1980 that $100 paid a week's rent , filled the gas tank up , and you could go out and eat dinner and lunch with a couple of beers, in 2011 it just fills your gas tank up and leaves you $25 to get some groceries for the day.

3. Back in 1980 there were tons of job openings , in 2011 jobs are scarce.

4. Back in 1980 employers would hire you on who you were , in 2011 employers mainly hire on who you know.

5. Back in 1980 there were the 3 hour lunches , in 2011 you get your meal in 15 minutes or it is free.

6. Back in 1980 people use to order a steak for lunch , in 2011 that steak is replaced by the hamburger.

7. Back in 1980 there was actual conversation between people at the table , in 2011 there is less conversation and instead talking on cell phones and texting.

8. Back in 1980 people actually sat in a restaurant and waited for their order to arrive , in 2011 people wait for their order in a car.

9. Back in 1980 people actually went out to meet others in a dance club, in 2011 people meet through chat lines.

10. Back in 1980 you could get served by a professional European waiter doing some table side cooking with a gueridon, in 2011 the professional European waiter is replaced by someone just doing this trying to get through school and that gueridon is in someone's garage getting rusty.

11. Back in 1980 you could work as many hours as you wanted to , in 2011 you are considered full time at 24 hours a week.

12. Back in 1980 people didn't get their calculators out to determine the tip, in 2011 they have to cause they cannot add anymore due to technology.

and last but not least back in 1980 people had time and money , in 2011 most people don't have any time or money.

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to add?


Ashley said...

Number two is just depressing. Ha.

The Restaurant Manager said...

"Back in 1980 there was actual conversation between people at the table , in 2011 there is less conversation and instead talking on cell phones and texting."

This one sucks the most. I love having my phone but sometimes I do hate having it.

Excellent Post!

SkippyMom said...

I was trying to think - but nope I think you hit them all Waiter. A very true list at that.

Steven Nicolle said...

Ashley...yes that is a bad one.

Steven Nicolle said...

The Restaurant Manager....it wasn't that long ago there were no cell phones. Mid to late 90's. Thanks.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...there is probably more but I couldn't go on. Was kind of a depressing post wasn't it.....

LordSomber said...

I do think manners and etiquette have also changed considerably since 1980. And not necessarily for the better.

Steven Nicolle said...

Lord Somber...absolutely! That is obvious for sure. I didn't add that in but I agree. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the 80's but in 2010, looking hot in daisy dukes and a tube top is what qualifies you as a bartender, not skill nor experience. Tough for guys like me to do.

Steven Nicolle said...

Anonymous...true enough!