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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Would You Do?

Let's say you walk in a restaurant and seated at a table by the host. You see waiters flying all over the place and it seems like a long time before someone acknowledges you.

Do you then try to get the attention of someone to voice your concern that you haven't had a waiter come to your table and rightly complain if you wish,


Walk out in a hissy fit vowing you will never come back while threatening at the same time to call head office to voice your complaint?

Just wondering.........


SkippyMom said...

If it is a "waiters flying all over the place" I am going to assume it is insanely busy and I will be patient. Beyond patient.

If it is slow and we haven't been approached for 10 minutes I will speak up. That is the last chance they get tho'. It the drinks take 10 minutes to come out - our order takes 20 to be taken and another 30 to show up - I am paying for the drinks and walking out. Not in a huff - but I always gauge the restaurant by how many staff are on and how many people are in it. I know the difference.

Never a reason to huff out tho' - that is just juvenile.

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...that is about what I would do. Nice.

Monica Goyal said...

I like your post question Steven.

I feel like this happens quite often. If you go out for dinner on a Friday or Saturday night. You could be waiting to get seated, and then to get drinks, and then to eat.

I say - What's the rush. Sometimes its just nice to sit around, have some drinks and eat slowly with a friend or your family.

Steven Nicolle said...

Monica...I agree and you'd think if they waited what seemed like a while they might have just flagged someone down.

bulletholes said...

Are you kidding?
I'll sit tight and go for the "Comp"!
Hey guys

Steven Nicolle said...

Bulletholes...Absolutely! Why not I would settle for that rather than walk out.

Andrew said...

One time my parents & I went to a restaurant & weren't acknowledged by the wait staff. At any point. We sat there for literally 20+ minutes before we complained. Granted, they were busy, but when we tried to get the attention of a server they would look at us & keep walking.

Steven Nicolle said...

Andrew...you showed great patience but then to be acknowledged and then again ignored well there is no excuse for that. Thanks for the comment.