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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Was Weird

A couple of weeks ago I took an order from a couple of people. I repeated the order back to them and punched it in.

They got their food and I did my quality check and they were pleased. I was buzzing around the table filling up coffee and asking if they wanted a beer. So I probably touched base with them 2-3 times while they were eating.

At the end of the meal the woman ask me what it was she just ate. I repeated what it was that she ordered. She says and this is after she ate it all. I didn't mean that I meant this chicken dish citing another one off the menu.

Now tell me how is it one can eat an entire meal and not know what it was that they were eating? I mean if you went into McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac and got a 1/4 pounder wouldn't you know the difference and then ask for what you really wanted.

It is a honest mistake and I would have got her what she really wanted had she spoke up. I did repeat it back to her while writing it down. I even showed her what she told me.

It was weird. I mean how am I supposed to know what she really wanted??? Eat an entire meal before saying anything then wonder what it was they ate.

Help me please!


MyrtleHernandez said...

Some customers are like that..too annoying..but you have to have patience because customers are always right..
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Steven Nicolle said...

MyrtleHernandez...yep and she got what she ordered. Thanks for the comment.