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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Repeat the Order Back to the Guest

I notice a lot of the time some waiters coming back to the kitchen with cook ups on their steaks etc..

Now it is easy to say it is the kitchen's fault when a steak comes back medium rare and they wanted it medium well. There is a big difference.

Now you can blame the kitchen or say the guest is stupid but really as a waiter it is our job that we confirm what they ordered is indeed what they want.

For instance if someone wants a steak medium rare I will repeat what they said back to them. I do this so that if there is a mistake either they will notice or someone at the table will pipe up and say oh no you like it medium well. Then they will say something like that is the way I cook it for you at home or something to that effect. So I will restate the order repeating medium well back to them adding you just want a little pink but not too much. Almost well done. Then they say yes and a crisis is averted.

Also I repeat the order back to them as I am writing it down because sometimes a person's accent could throw you off.

To be honest I will repeat the order back a couple of times if I want to be absolutely sure that is what they want and I heard it correctly.

It saves a lot of hassle later on.


The Restaurant Manager said...

If only more servers would do this! If would lower the frustration level of everyone in the restaurant!

Steven Nicolle said...

The Restaurant Manager...I am sure you see this often. It is one of those things when you just shake your head. If only...