Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, January 31, 2011

People Don't Ask Me Stupid Questions

I am bringing a steak to someone else's table and I am asked if this is the well done one. My answer is I cannot tell by looking as I don't have x-ray vision but by the time you cut into it your waiter will be here shortly to check on how everything is.

Another time someone ask me what the difference is between an 8 oz and a 12 oz steak. My reply was about 4 oz.

Anyone else have a stupid question?


SkippyMom said...

Should I start this off....giggle...

My favorite:

Four top - two couples - one woman orders a tequila sunrise and the guys order beers, but woman #2 can't decide. I go to get the three drinks [to give undecided a few secs] and return, place the drinks down and Clueless says:

"Oh that tequila sunrise is so pretty. It looks really good. Does it have tequila in it tho'? 'Cause I don't like tequila."

I don't know who wanted to kick her first - me, or her companions. Sigh.

Or - and I heard this all time -

"Can I have the dressing on the side?"

Not a problem if it wasn't a table side prepared Caesar salad.

Want me to go on.....hee

fuckmytable said...

Will [insert entrée here] be enough?

I don't know; are you wanting to pig out, or are you just going to pick at your plate?

dblynkpt said...

I have had people ask me how big our 10 inch (14 inch, 16 inch) pizza is.

The Restaurant Manager said...

Customer: "Why are these Fried Chicken Tenders so greasy?"

Server: "Umm... because they are fried in oil?"

Steven Nicolle said...

These are all good. Makes you wonder sometimes.