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Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep an Eye on This Kid When He Gets Older and Take Cover

Last night I had my five table section. Being the second one on I figured this should be an early night. Oh no!

We were slammed and with the lack of food the past couple of days and some cough still hanging around I was getting blurry when I was being sat in my section a third time over.

A very annoying table I had last night was when the grandparents , mother and grandson sat down. They right away said better get some fries quick for the kid he is a bit of a handful. Okay I will get on it.

The main course comes out and so far this kid has been climbing under and over the table and chairs but I guess it is apparently okay cause no one is doing anything about it. The plates are on the table and the mother and kid are gone. The grandmother concerned that she hadn't finished her salad yet thought the main course came out too early to which I conveniently replied that with the young one I thought it best to get the food out ASAP. She then adds what I heard already that the young one is a handful.

No Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they are back and upon clearing the table there is left a 750ml water bottle and one fork which is in the kid's hand. The kid is using this fork to hit on the water bottle each time he mutters a word which is quite often as one would imagine.

I reach out to get the fork and the kid says no I need it to hit the bottle.

I look at the mother and she just smiles back and me and does nothing!!

I couldn't believe it! I feel like writing every derogatory thing to describe what was going through my mind at that moment. I don't know if I was more upset with the kid or the mother.

But you know what if that is the Mother's reaction I feel a whole lot sorry for that kid when he gets older.

In today's society who knows what may happen. Probably when he is older and doesn't get his own way he will take a gun and rob someone or worse still maim someone.

Thanks to you Mom!!


The Restaurant Manager said...

I put that one on the mother! Control your kids people! At home do what you want but out in public parents really need to have more consideration for the people who are trying to eat and enjoy their meal. Parents that let their kids do what ever they want in a restaurant drive me nuts!! Ugh!!

Steven Nicolle said...

The Restaurant Manager...Absolutely agree but even at home that is where it begins. Teaching kids some manners and respect goes along way.If the kid acts that way at home for heavens sake don't take him or her out.