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Monday, January 10, 2011

How a Complaint Changed the Course of My Life

I was on my fourth contract on the ship cruising around the Mediterranean. I recall it was midway through my 6 month contract when I was being asked to go from waiter to Maitre'd.

It was soon going to happen so they wanted me to get my tuxedo with the frilly shirt. We were in Sorrento Italy when I went shopping for the tuxedo and with that also spent a fair bit of dough on some pants, shirts , and sport jackets to boot. I had the whole ensemble you could say ready for my promotion that would probably start with me going to another ship.

Then the worst thing happened. We were doing a Captain's welcome dinner and being in a bit of a rush I was putting down this soup when the lady moved her elbow and accidently hit my hand that was holding the soup. Some of it went on her dress.

Well for the entire voyage I never heard the end of it. She would purposely avoid going anywhere near me the rest of the time and everytime she would sit with someone she would always bring up the spilled soup. Needless to say by the end of the cruise I had a lot of sympathizers with me. I mean come on an accident happened , let it go.

Anyway cause of this episode and some people whom I think weren't on my side as far as the promotion was concerned I did not get the Maitre'd position.

After the contract I returned as a waiter when once again I was being asked to go Maitre'd on another ship. Feeling a bit put out the last time I steadfastly replied to find someone else.

Well they give me no option and just told me I was being transferred to another ship. After some consideration I said alright and sent for my clothes that I left back at home.

After two weeks as Maitre'd we went into dry dock for a couple of weeks. A stewardess was coming on board that I would later call my wife and since have been married 15 years this year.

All I can say is thank you for bitching about me the entire voyage and telling everyone about it thus causing me to lose my promotion and wait another year!

Funny how thin threads like that can be life changers when you look back.


SkippyMom said...

It is amazing how those things happen.

If my brother hadn't have left his second wife [awfully I might add] and we hadn't have been best friends [my sil - NOT my brother] I would've never met my beloved husband.

Fate may be fickle but it sure can be lucky sometimes.

aneducatedserver said...

Like they always say, "When one door closes, another one will surely open." Congratulations!

Steven Nicolle said...

SkippyMom...amazing how it happens.

Steven Nicolle said...

aneducatedserver...welcome and yes thanks. How true. I will add you on to the blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Hello i follow this bloog for a litle time, and i also work on board of cruise ship in a not so far past and i never saw no one got the promotion from waiter to maitre d', maybe from witer to head waiter ok, but such a big promotion, which cruise company you have work? Because i whant o apply....

Steven Nicolle said...

Anonymous...it was a small ship of 114 passengers. There was no head waiter position. By the way what ship did you work for in the not so far past? lol