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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If You Are in the GTA area and Sick of High Cell Phone Costs Read This

NEW Telecom Provider Comes to Town.....Why pay the Monopolies when you can Pay Yourself ? If .... you are open to something.

I have a "GROUND FLOOR" opportunity not seen before in Canada....with a tremendous potential for an ongoing "Residual Income"

Everyone Pays for their Telecom services every Month...cell phone, home phone, internet, television ( maybe 200 to 300 dollars)

In Canada, thanks to the Monopolies, we pay the most ridiculous Telecom rates for the least amount of service in the world.

I have come here from Edmonton... to bring a brand new " Canadian Telecom Company" originating out of Calgary, to the GTA and Ontario.

We are just launching in Canada and are poised to go global.

We are a Brand New.. Full Service " TELECOM PROVIDER".... looking for People here to Partner with here in Ontario to help us Roll out our services through "Network Marketing."

Because there is such a large profit margin as a "Telecom Provider"...we have a fabulous compensation plan not seen before in Networking.

In Canada these services amount to 54 billion dollars annually...and many people would love another choice to dealing with the monopolies services.

We will be offering ALL the mainstream Telecom services... and NEW products people will get very excited about (High Speed Internet, Unlimited Smart Phones, Unlimited World home phones and Internet Protocol television ...including some Really Cool products...... People have Never seen before... taking advantage of the most current technology.

This has been five years in the making....and now we are ready....no one has heard of us yet in the GTA but that will change soon.

Since "Recurring Billing" as in Telecom... is directly related to "Residual Income"....we believe we have a program, to establish another income source, that will get you very excited.

And Timing is everything, you could not be more " ground floor" ....let me know if you are interested in finding out more

Cliff Anders
EMC Director


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Is that ... ChatR?

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Hard to trust a company that only has a hotmail email address as contact. Just saying.

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