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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winning Isn't Everything But Trying Is ( Why You Should Enter )

Here is some more information on the win a cruise contest that I have mentioned a few times already on this blog. Someone asked me what were the chances of winning so I thought I would give you some info on last year's contest.

Last year the contest ran and there were 170,000 people who entered. This year between now to October 4th the contest runs with a winner drawn everyday for 25 days beginning on September 10th. The prize is an inside stateroom for two on board a Norwegian Cruise Line Ship for a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. Airfare and gratuities not included.

Now if you hate the thought of ever going on a ship of any kind and afraid of water then don't enter. But if you ever entertained the thought of taking a cruise but haven't committed yet to do so then enter cause you never know.

Most people will spend money each week to win a lotto but the odds of winning is the same as getting struck not once but twice by lightening. This is free to enter and the chances of winning are greater.

It reminds me of this story. Try it out sometime. You are at a party with a group of people and you go up to one of them and in a rather louder than usual voice mention that there is a $100 bill underneath their windshield wiper on the car. That person because we think negative for the most part anyway will probably just smirk and laugh and say sure there is.........On the other hand if you said their windshield has been smashed in they would go running outside in a heartbeat to assess the damage. That is just the way most people think.

Eighty per cent of our thoughts each day are negative someone once said. So think positive this time and enter. There might be a free cruise waiting for you.

Today I write my travel agent exam. Hey I am passing with flying colors!

Think positive in life and good things will happen. It is true your world will remain the same if you do not enter or if you do not win but what if you did? It cost nothing to find out.

Good luck and hope you win!

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