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Monday, February 15, 2010

It Was Relentless

Okay I haven't commented or posted over the weekend due to the hundreds of people we served over the weekend. Valentines combined with the fact it fell on the weekend meant Friday Saturday and Sunday were going to be busy. Today is a provincial holiday so it will be busy again but I am not there and in a way I am thankful for that.

Friday - I was the closer so I began work at 5:30 and had a 4 table 16 seat section. I got seated quick and began mowing through the tables. We had 90 minute wait going on and we did just over 650 covers ( people ) for the night. At the end of the night I finished with 37 covers and got out just shortly after midnight. I walked out with $159. The big pain in the butt was my last table when I went over with the dessert menu said they will not have any. I walked away thinking and hoping it was all over and returned with the cheque when they said we will have two teas though. Great so I had to watch them drink their tea and start kissing. The opening ceremony was on so that was a nice distraction but finally I started moving things around them and clearing what I could on their table and presented the bill when they were smooching. Thank you and have a great night I said. Finally got the message and left. When I got home and jumped out of the van my back took a jolt. I wore my back support but I guess sitting for half an hour caused the back to relax or something so I gingerly entered the house.

Saturday - After getting to sleep about 1:30 woke up at 6:45 when one of the kids got up. The wife was starting work at 8:30 so the alarm was set at 7AM anyway. Got up and never had a nap afterwards. Starting work early because on this weekend we decided to open for lunch. Got in for 3:30 but asked to start an hour later cause it was dead. Got my section ready and actually got my first table at 4. I had a neat 4 table section. A four which was going to be mainly a deuce tonight and 3 other deuces. It is a fast section. We have a set menu as well as the a la carte.
I wasn't closing but when I left we were on our way to 800 people. A 2 hour wait. My numbers were 19 tables , 40 covers and I walked out with $216 after tip out. Pure volume. Got to bed close to 2 after getting a couple of beers down my gullet to wind me down.

Sunday - As per usual on Sundays my wife wakes me up at 5:30 am to drive her to work so I can have the van to drive my youngest one to soccer at 8am. So had about 4 hours sleep that night. After soccer got a spurt of energy and filled up the van with gas and did the groceries and got back about 10. Had some breakfast and tried to sleep but instead just got ready for work. Picked up the wife at 12:30 then came back and had a bite to eat. Left to be at work at 2:45 and this time was busier. This time had a 3 table section. All 4 tops. It was like working at a car show. People everywhere just waiting for a table and when it got later people were still coming in.

The staff was getting tired. I was beat just from lack of rest. The management ordered in pizza for everyone. A waitress brought in apples cut up so you can dip in a caramel crunchy smore type thing for us to eat. Yummy! The GM I saw when I was leaving was concocting some vodka punch for the staff. I saw the kitchen manager getting someone who was working 10 hours a shooter. Everyone was hung right out. At 10:20 my section cleared out and the GM says I have to fill up your section again. I go okay but then she says wait you are next to be cut so take off you are done. Bliss!! My section was smaller with the less table so it was a walk in the park really compared to the night before. I did 25 covers and walked out with $122. Tonight was full of cheap guests but from Monday on the 5 day week was all in all pretty good income wise. Tonight was the worst of 5 days.

Bet we did around 850 to 900 covers last night.

Now I am off for 3 days. Gotta love that! My wife is still working mornings till Tuesday. So that is how two spouses who are waiters spend Valentines. Working!

Now I am heading for my third cup of coffee...


SkippyMom said...

Sweet money! Glad you survive [is your back feeling better?]

Any good customer stories? I swear you could pay me to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day [or Mother's Day or New Year's either!]

Now relax - enjoy your three days off and congrats on CAN's first gold medal - awesome!

Cat said...

sounds like my weekend...hisself works shifts but with the ot from this weekend we be celebrating our own v'day later with a trip xoxo to that man

Manuel said...

yeah we had our traditional st v's day on the 15th rather than the 14th....life as a waiter eh...everything happens a day later for us

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

SkippyMom...I will try to think of some customer stories. To be honest I can't think of any that would be interesting from the weekend. I will watch some Olympics while I am off.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Cat...as long as we celebrate while we can. To have to do it on one day is overrated anyway. Anytime is fine.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Manuel...a day later but a much relaxed day later. Probably better than doing something on the actual day when everyone else does it.

Cat said...

honestly, we try to be v'day every day, life too short to make it only one day of specials

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Cat...right on with that. Should be lived like that all year round. Not spending lavishly on one another but loving and respecting one another.