Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The First Quiz Of The Year

I am returning the quiz.. Believe it or not it didn't attract many visits so depending on how this one turns out I may do it again periodically.

1. Vouvray is a white wine from the Loire Valley near the city of Tours in France. The primary grape is Chenin Blanc but what is the secondary grape you may find in Vouvray that few people know of?

2. Using proper etiquette how should a guest sip their soup using the spoon?

3. Syllabub is a dessert made of whipped cream , white wine to which sherry or brandy may be added , lemon and sugar. Who was the Queen of England at the time this dessert was introduced?

4. What is the principal grape variety in the wine Cheval Blanc?

5. Bistrouille or bistouille is a term used in Northern France for a mixture of brandy and what else?

6. What is a Palindrome? Not cooking or wine related. 2 bonus points.

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