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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Talk During This Moment

When the guest is settling the bill it is important not to talk. If you talk while the person is signing the credit card slip or putting their pin number in the debit machine you could actually blow the tip amount the guest might have left. You may say something that could lead them to think you are sucking up to them. Don't all of a sudden start talking about the weather or something stupid that will detract them from giving you the big tip. You have done the job and now it is time to just shut up.

The pressure is all on them to give you as much as you will get out of them. Don't be nervous about not talking at this moment. There is no need to be overly friendly. This is the time you have been waiting for so enjoy the moment and watch them fret on how much they leave.

Just like a good salesperson who ask for the sale to the prospect by handing them the pen your job is to be quiet until they okay it.

I know there is always a slight inclination during this moment while waiting to say something but by being silent you are telling them buddy this better be a good tip.

When handing them a debit machine just smile and say thank you once again and wait for the transaction to finish before saying anything. Don't even talk to the other guests. They may overhear something and change the amount or just plain carelessly miss a digit in the tip they leave you. Look away and think of something else.

I know that we have all talked during this moment. At least I have and when I do I almost cringe at myself when the guy looks up from the debit machine cause I have wrecked their train of thought.

This is the one time when shutting up is the right thing to do.


AZWaitress said...

I always wish them a good night, thank them, and walk away after I've run the card and set down the CC receipts. I NEVER hang around for this very reason. :)

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

AZWaitress...that is the best way to do it.No doubt about it.

Ross said...

I agree with AZWaitress as well. I think even just hanging around can make the customer feel slightly tense if they feel someone is just stood there waiting for them to finish the bill.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Ross...welcome and thanks for your comment. When they use the debit machine I can't walk away till they are finished unlike leaving the CC for them to sign. That is when I have to shut up when they are doing things like entering their PIN etc..

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Ross...just clicked on your sight. I loved it and working on ships. Seabourn I saw a lot of and it is one of the cruise ship companies I would have chosen to work on back in the day. I am glad I did when I did.