Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada vs Russia Tonight

Monday the night I was called off some waiters walked out with $17. That's how dead it was. Last night it was almost as dead with some people walking out with $40 in their pocket. I think I was the high roller of the night and I only left $71 richer.

Now with tonight's Russia vs Canada hockey game it is going to be super quiet because a sports bar we are not. Fortunately I am off so I get to see this great rivalry resume. Russia has a great hockey team so we are going to have our hands full. Should be fun to watch.

This afternoon I am doing the quiz for the first time this year. So put on your thinking caps for that one.

Another thing I have noticed is just over 1 in 3 visitors to the waiterextraordinaire blog are new visits. I am encouraged people are coming to check the blog out. For those of you that haven't yet joined the follower list on the home page consider putting your name down. We all need the exposure. I check on who is following often and if they have a blog I will add it to the blog roll.

It means a lot to know people are reading.


bek said...

I'm slightly worried about tonight's game. I mean ... the USA beat us [granted their goalie was AMAZING] but still! And we had issues with the Swiss who are suppose to be a B team.

Canada better get their arses in gear and keep Luongo in net. That and not think that just 'cause they're an all start team with some of the best players in the NHL that they're automatically le shit.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Bek...this always happens. We get ourselves in a hole then we gotta fight back. We will win tonight. Get the popcorn ready for 7:30!

AZWaitress said...

Seems like it's slow everywhere lately. This has been a rough month for me and my restaurant. Let's cross our fingers for March! :) Good job for walking out with what you did!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

AZWaitress...this past week has been slower than usual. Mid February was good but now we are hitting a slow spot probably till March break. Weekends are good though.